Credits for the character sprites goes to the awesome freeware Little Fighter 2. And I'm sorry about the trees. If you have better looking game-optimized tree models I can use, I'd treasure them.

A-Engine Update #8: Timeout

  Hello everyone, and happy belated Tau day! So things have been a bit busier with me lately. My departure to the university I’m enrolled to outside the country is scheduled on 29th of July – Around a month is left to get done with work-related projects before I leave. But of course, there are […]


A-Engine Update #7: Sugar and Candy

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote something. There has been a couple of projects higher up in my priority list that kept me busy in the past period, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new to write about here. Today, I plan to go over various new features and other […]

A-Engine Alternative Logo

A-Engine Update #5: My Grudges Against Bodges

Hey again, and happy Pi day! (3.14.2016 might’ve been over for most of you by the time I finish writing this) It’s definitely been a long while since I last updated, but I DO have a reason. A pretty good one, in fact. The A-Engine project has been rebooted. That’s right, I’ve taken my time […]

A-Engine 3d image

A-Engine Update #4: Hello 3D

Hello! This update shows a preview of the A-Engine rendering a 3D environment. This time though the blog “post” is effectively contained within this video: I skipped a few stuff here and there, but I believe it is best to explain them when they’re finally accessible via A-scripting, which is what’s next up on the […]

[RANT]Computer Graphics and Alpha Blending

Right now, as of Thursday 1 AM, I am working with OpenGL and I am so annoyed, too frustrated for the unreasonably missing basic feature in GPUs; Proper alpha testing. Please don’t mention glAlphaFunc(), because that’s practically useless now and is not exactly what I am talking about.   Too much switching with shaders is […]


A-Engine Update #3: A Prelude To Stages

Hey, and it’s time for an update! Last week’s work was relatively simple but important. Let’s get to it! First off, the AScope type has been implemented, and is now integrated with AExpression and ready to be used in the A-Engine! For those interested in how it works, I believe the following screenshot will give […]

Perspective Projection Test

A-Engine Update #2: Graphics’ Hodgepodge

Hello again. Today’s update is probably not what you expect since I didn’t quite finish working on the AScope type already. This time, I couldn’t resist the urge to get to the graphics aspect of the engine. Let’s get started!     So during the past week, I’ve actually gotten around working on the AScope […]

Hello World!

Hello, it’s great to see you’ve visited my humble website! As you can see, the site is quite the newborn and therefore still very lacking in content, but I hope I will be able to update with new content every now and then. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to let me […]